Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MISSING SHIP. Can you believe this? Nobody has grabbed hot new drama The Last Ship for South Africa. Who will get it?

You're reading it here first.

With South Africa's TV market hotting up as more and more want-to-be-premium broadcasters and TV channels duke it out to bring the best content to viewers (and quicker!) this hasn't happened in a while: a red-hot new TV show which none of them have!

South African viewers are missing out on the new drama The Last Ship and TV with Thinus can reveal the field is wide open - since no-one's secured the broadcasting rights ... yet.

Two (great) episodes in in the United States of The Last Ship, South African viewers cannot see it and can't be sure yet that they will.

The post-apocalyptic drama with Eric Dane as captain leading a rag-tag crew looking for a cure after the world's population has been decimated, has not been picked up by any of the big channel makers having store front windows in South Africa.

Imagine a bit of JAG, crossed with The Walking Dead (just not as scary) and Helix set on a ship and you've got The Last Ship.

The Last Ship meanwhile set a new high water mark as far as viewership is concerned - its the biggest new pay-TV series in America, grabbing the highest number of viewers of any new subscription television show in 2014.

M-Net tells me they definitely don't have the rights to The Last Ship (yet) - a show that would fit in perfectly with its schedule as a high definition, adventure, clean yet scary, explosion-filled drama and cleverly serialised (secret Russian onboard!) show.

Sony tells me they definitely don't have the rights to The Last Ship (yet) - keep in mind that Sony Entertainment Television (SET) is the channel that got the great yet cancelled Last Resort.

Fox International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) tells me that they don't have the rights to The Last Ship (yet) - meaning the channel distributor that brings brings excellent post-apocalyptic dramas like The Walking Dead and Falling Skies to South African viewers quickly on channels like FOX and FX has not secured this excellent new companion drama.

So. Who will be first to show The Last Ship to South African pay-TV viewers on one of their TV channels?