Saturday, July 12, 2014

Matricless SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng in softball interview on SABC2's Morning Live: 'This is the new era'.

In an extremely one-sided, very sympathetic "interview" on Thursday morning on SABC2's breakfast show Morning Live and filled with only pandering softball questions, the SABC's famously matricless and highly controversial COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng told interviewer Leanne Manas: "

"I'm prepared to take SABC higher and higher," said Hlaudi Motsoeneng when asked what it means to be the SABC's permanent COO.

"You've done a lot in the acting position," said Leanne Manas. "Appointed as COO, are we going to see more done? Is this going to give you even more power to change a lot inside the public broadcaster?"

Hlaudi Motsoeneng said the SABC wants to do more local content. "Local content is priority for SABC. We make sure that even news we report what is happening in the provinces and the regions".

"It is important that our soapies, our dramas, they talk about our own culture - that is priority for SABC. The second priority is SABC personnel, or people working for SABC; moral [sic] is high. People should be excited to work for this organisation," said Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

"SABC, we are ready to switch on for DTT," said Hlaudi Motsoeneng. "We are just waiting for the department [of communications] to finalise some of the issues, but also it is important that we play on other platforms like digital media".

"I believe in Hlaudi because I know what I want to do. I've done well for this organisation," said Hlaudi Motsoeneng. "Even the workers of the SABC they attest to that.

"Even yesterday, people were so excited. I could not even walk from the reception to my office. Even in my office, people were so excited. For me what is important really, is I'm not going to focus on what people are saying".

Leanne Manas asked what his message is to SABC staff. Hlaudi Motsoeneng said: "Remember previously SABC could not even pay production houses. And even SABC people they were very concerned about their salary".

"We have put strategy in place. Financially we are sustainable. And we are going to make sure that we sustain SABC".

"This is the new era. The new era is to make sure that people who work for SABC, especially your freelancers, they know that when they work for SABC they are sustainable, they can go to the bank and get loans and so on. For me that is the priority," said Hlaudi Motsoeneng.