Friday, July 4, 2014

BREAKING. Derek van Dam at eNCA on his last day, not only will do his last weather forecast - he goes out to report on it too.

How completely uncontrived, and fittingly perfect: that on his very last day on-air at eNCA (DStv 403), that the biggest storm is hitting Cape Town this season and making legitimate news.

The adverse weather system today and the looming terrible winter weekend is causing the intrepid eNCA weather man Derek van Dam to venture outside to report live on it - on his very last day at eNCA.

Nature in sympathy couldn't be scripted more perfectly if anyone tried.

Derek van Dam is set to do his very last weather forecast today, Friday 4 July on eNCA in primetime - but now there's the unexpected, unplanned, bonus: the fantastic  meteorologist gets to do even more on his last day as an additional legitimate bonus, and report on the bad weather too.

As life goes with those few, blessed with more energy forever than the rest of us, Derek van Dam also took his GoPro to work to record a special goodbye video message to South Africa.

Watch and see how his eNCA colleagues and weather friends surprised him with a going-away party and what he did next:

"How do I say goodbye? To everyone who's been so, SO kind to me? It's going to be very difficult. Friday's been a day that I've not really been looking forward to for a very long time," says a clearly emotional Derek van Dam.

"Bitter-sweet. But from the bottom of my heart to everyone in South Africa and abroad who've supported me through this magnificent six and a half years, thank you so much. And I'll see you again soon".