Wednesday, July 16, 2014

BREAKING. After moving it, changing it and dumping it (oh you won't believe this) is reviving ratings challenged Club 808 on Fridays.

You're reading it here first. 

Boom. Sit down. No really, you have to sit down for this: After moving it, changing it, then basically dumping it, is bringing back its deserted, cancelled, pushed-away music show Club 808 ... which will return to's schedule and to its original day where it worked - Fridays - from Friday 15 August at 20:00.

She who has more money than all of us will continue to present. tells TV with Thinus that Club 808 which was dumped on eKasi+ will remain on that OpenView HD (OVHD) TV channel, but will be returned to the schedule from 15 August.

Before the weekly music magazine show was neutered and thrown away like a stray puppy next to a dark road, Club 808 was actually successful. And by successful we mean ratings - the only currency TV executives and the TV industry live by.

Club 808 pulled just over 2 million viewers on Fridays in its timeslot at 19:30 on when it made its debut in 2010, very successful for the timeslot, the day and the channel.

Then decided to give soap Scandal! a Friday episode as well (which has worked incredibly well for Scandal! but made Club 808 a victim). Club 808 was moved away from Fridays to television's death zone - Saturdays at 19:30 - from 6 July last year.

Dineo Ranaka abruptly upped and left Club 808 in June 2013 mid-season. She was replaced by Thando Thabete.

In March this year Thando Thabete who was already a replacement for a show in trouble, was done with Club 808 after just 8 months. got rid of the under-performing Club 808 in April and flung it to eKasi+ and added Dark and Lov Nonhle Thema as co-presenter with Mo Flava - after having lied and said that there wouldn't be a new co-presenter for the show.

Now is "restoring" Club 808 after the timeslot, channel and day change abuse back to as closely as possible where it used to be successful.

It will broadcast on Friday at 19:30 - its original day and timeslot on eKasi+ and will be broadcast on half an hour later at 20:00 from Friday 15 August.

Asked why Club 808 is beign returned to, the channel says "we brought it back due to the number of requests from viewers and the popularity of the show on".