Friday, June 20, 2014

Strictly Come Dancing returns to SABC3 for a new 7th season on Friday nights from 18 July, with a new presenter.

Strictly Come Dancing is returning to SABC3 for a 7th season, with a new South African season of the ballroom dancing competition format show set to start on Friday, 18 July at 20:30 - with a new presenter.

There will be 10 episodes in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing which will be announced next week. The show is once again being produced by Rapid Blue.

The reality dancing show was successfully revived last year by SABC3 but instead of two seasons this year, there will however only be one.

The 6th season of the show last year - which saw its episodes broadcast live from Auckland Park - not only helped to lift SABC3's ratings which has been struggling with viewership numbers, but also gave SABC3 some much-needed buzz, since the format show has proven to be perfect for live viewer interaction given the rise of social media use under South African consumers.

A new presenter and the celebrity contestants of the upcoming 7th season will be announced next week, but the scheduling of the 2 hour long dance extravaganza episodes is already raising eyebrows.

Where previous seasons of Strictly Come Dancing took place mid-week, the new season will play out on SABC3 on Friday nights - traditionally one of the least watched evenings of the week when most potential viewers will not be home to watch.