Monday, June 2, 2014

South Africa TV viewers fed-up over repeats, attack after the broadcaster brazenly brags that it has shown Anaconda 19 times.

Watch, rinse, repeat: Fed-up and fatigued viewers, tired of an avalanche of movie repeats on television, are attacking after the South African broadcaster brazenly bragged that it has showed the movie Anaconda 19 times.

On Sunday night showed the 1997 schlock movie for the 19th time, but told viewers it would be "the last premiere of Anaconda" - for now.

It was also a lie. Just after midnight on Sunday, at 00:40 on Monday morning, showed Anaconda yet again.

Before the "end of an era" as billed Sunday night's "final" showing, the broadcaster said that it "has played the classic horror film a whopping 18 times and despite outrage and conflicting opinions over three million viewers tune in for the epic showing every time".

A few years ago it was films like Fanny by Gaslight which perpetually littered the schedule and which the broadcaster kept showing over and over and over again. created the hashtag #GoodbyeAnaconda on Twitter and that's when the viewer backlash against the broadcaster over excessive repeats and repetition of the movie started.

"While we wish the snake goodbye, please don't bring back Emmanuel and Walker Texas Ranger," wrote Refilwe Bogatsu.

A Renaldo wrote: "Now finally the snake can go into it's retirement after years in loyal service for the channel".

"Thank you Can you do that with other movies. Please!" begged S'bu Mbambo.

"17 times too many! Let's make way for new stuff!" said Viv.

"Just because the original Anaconda is being exiled, doesn't mean the sequels should stay either. Take em all," wrote Nkunzi Malanga.

"On a serious note though. Is this some kind of sick joke? Does someone get paid to select the 8pm movie and how much?" asked Golden Lady Bird.