Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Someone's Watching starts on Telemundo as a new telenovela on Monday 9 June at 19:40, filled with hotties ... and a serial killer.

Someone's Watching (Alguien Te Mira) starts on Telemundo (DStv 118) on Monday 9 June at 19:40 as a new telenovela - filled with hotties, an over-the-top crazy storyline, and a serial killer.

Someone's Watching was filmed in Chicago and Miami and is a remake of a Chilean telenovela.

The story revolves around three people - two men and a women - who are all doctors and friends.

Girl falls in love with guy, guy leaves after drug and alcohol addiction for rehab, guy returns years later, but now girl is in love with the other guy. Ta-da-da-daaa. Ta-ra-da.

Oh, there's also a killer on the loose murdering young women who kills them by removing the hearts of their victims. Then they become the witnesses to a murder and must be protected by the police.

Last year I interviewed the killer, known as "The Hunter" in South Africa, and from when viewers start to guess the identity of the serial killer in this new Telemundo telenovela TV with Thinus will run that (funny!) interview.