Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SABC3's Special Assignment quietly stuck in ongoing repeats on Sundays at 21:30 as a 're-launch' is planned of the investigative magazine show.

Look no further than the sad, tragic and ongoing demise of "current" current affairs programming at the SABC than the SABC3 show Special Assignment which is quietly stuck in repeats.

Viewers have not been getting ongoing new content but instead a bunch of repeats, and tucked away in one of TV's graveyard slots on Sunday nights at 21:30.

Special Assignment has also been largely defanged from the investigative magazine show it used to be.

The SABC says Special Assignment will be back with new episodes, but there is no "launch date" for the show which the SABC says is "preparing for a re-launch".

"Viewers can continue to watch repeats of some of our best stories produced during 16 years of journalistic excellence. Special Assignment's seasoned team of intrepid journalists will soon be back, bringing you stories that fearlessly investigate, provoke and expose," says the show.