Tuesday, June 3, 2014

kykNET refreshes its on-air look and the channel identity by colour coding the different genres on DStv's Afrikaans language channel.

kykNET (DStv 144) has refreshed and updated its on-air look and channel identity of the Afrikaans language TV channel supplied by M-Net to MultiChoice's DStv pay-TV platform.

By incorporating multiple colours in its new on-air imaging, kykNET is following and closely mirroring SABC2's on-air style of different strong colours for various genres, as well as what Universal Channel (DStv 117) did previously and which are both general entertainment TV channels.

kykNET says it wants to make the viewing experience "even more positive" through the channel's new on-air identity since the TV channel's expanded over the past few years into more specific programming genres.

In the new on-air look programmes are categorised into different genres. After that a unique look was created for each of the various programming genres on kykNET by linking each genre to a specific colour palette to make it easier for viewers to determine what type of show is next.

Together with the new colour palette kykNET developed a string of new trade mark indentities by incorporating objects with with each genre can be associated. Every genre has a colour bar and a "picture" linking to and fitting in with a specific type of programming and the overall channel identity.

Colour-coded popup IPIs (programme identifyers) will pop up during programming to indicate what programme and type of genre is coming up next on kykNET.

"The new identities increase genre recognition and the overall viewer experience through the clever use of colour and imaging, whilst bringing across an elegant yet fresh approach to the on-air identity and programme content of the channel," says Jeanne de Wet, kykNET's head of marketing.