Thursday, June 26, 2014

BREAKING. Roxy Burger, Katlegoe Maboe Strictly Come Dancing's new presenters' duo for the upcoming 7th season on SABC3.

You're reading it here first.

I can break the news and exclusively reveal that Roxy Burger and Katlegoe Maboe of morning show Expresso, will be the new presenters' duo of the popular ballroom dancing floor format show Strictly Come Dancing's upcoming 7th season on SABC3.

The 7th season of Strictly Come Dancing, produced by Rapid Blue, will start on SABC3 on Friday 18 July at 20:30 for 10 episodes of two hours each.

The reality dancing show was successfully revived last year by SABC3, which is looking to build upon the new momentum.

The reality show - one of the few broadcasts outside of news and sport the SABC still does live - helped to not only lift SABC3 ratings but also helped SABC3 in a new metric measure of success: online and social media buzz, where viewers engaged and talked about the show and the contestants.

According to various TV with Thinus sources the new 7th season of Strictly Come Dancing has Roxy Burger and Katlegoe Maboe as presenters. The various celebrity dancers and the professional dancers they're paired up will be announced tonight in Johannesburg at the VSP Lounge in Sandton.

Roxy Burger is still on honeymoon in France and not in South Africa.

"We've spent a lot of time on who our presenters will be, who the celebrity dancers will be, what kind of music will be selected for the show, what kind of sets we're looking for, the kind of artists that are performing in-between, simply because we want to set a tone" says Aisha Mohamed, SABC3's new channel head.

"We simply want to bring Strictly Come Dancing back to what it was, which is a really beautiful show".