Monday, June 9, 2014

2014 MTV AFRICA MUSIC AWARDS: Trey Songz on missing Nigerian girls: 'We need to use our voices to help bring the girls back'.

The American rapper and singer-songwriter Trey Songz has added his voice to high profile artists around the world calling for united action and continued awareness regarding the plight of the missing Nigerian school girls kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria almost three months ago.

TV with Thinus asked Trey Songz at the press conference of the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards on MTV Base (DStv 322), if he can weigh in on the case of the missing Nigerian girls.

"We must use our voice to bring attention to it, to bring awareness to it, and to do whatever we can to help bring the girls back," said Trey Songz about the missing Nigerian girls who've been held against their will since April.

"It's incredibly how effective humans can be when they come together for a cause. Unfortunately we live in a time where coming together for some reason is really tough all across the world".

"At some point we as people, not only Africans but people in general, is that at some point we have to decide what we stand for and come together. And when we do that, for whatever cause, in history, real changes have been made," said Trey Songz.

"For the changes that Africans are looking for here [on the continent], it's going to take some real coming together. Always peaceful, but not passive. Because we've been passive for too long".

Trey Songz also had advice for South African and African artists and musicians struggling to break through in the difficult music and entertainment industry.

"As the world becomes more flat through the internet, the internet is our strongest tool to reach out. The internet is how you can engage with people".

"The first time I came here [South Africa] and did my sound check in Durban in 2011, I remember - I can still see the stage and the way it was - I went on the stage and it was people were lining up. And I remember thinking how do these people know?"

"And it was because of my presence on the internet. So try and go directly and to speak directly to your fans as much as possible as any type of artist. Spread, spread, spread, spread," said Trey Songz.

The MTV Africa Music Awards was revived after a three year absence by Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) and beamed to millions of viewers across the continent on MTV Base and MTV on Saturday night on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform.