Thursday, May 15, 2014

The New York Times on why paying for separate DStv TV channels will in fact cost you much more than a monthly fee for a fixed bouquet.

The New York Times today has a must-read article about why what you think you want, isn't what will really be in your best interest as a TV viewer and a consumer - to pay for just the individual pay-TV channels you want.

Josh Barro writes and explains in The New York Times article why paying per TV channel under a so-called "a la carte" system will be more detrimental to pay-TV subscribers and consumers that how the model currently works.

Of course it is not what people want to hear and not what consumers want to hear who have to pay for the inclusion of a TV channel or TV channels they say they're not watching.

Pay-TV subscribers think that they would end up paying less if they can only pay per TV channel.

Counter-intuitively, pay-TV subscribers will actually have to pay more, and end up getting less TV content.