Friday, May 9, 2014

SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH? StarSat subscribers made to watch hours of German movies on Star Movies 1 - with no English subtitles.

Poor StarSat subscribers. On Wednesday StarSat subscribers of On Digital Media's (ODM) satellite pay-TV platform had to watch hours upon hours of German movies.

Star Movies 1 (StarSat 100) - which StarSat bills as its "premium movie channel showcasing blockbuster titles" - on Wednesday showed German films ... with no English subtitles.

The problem also affected the Star Movies 2 (StarSat 102) channel on the StarSat platform.

StarSat, in response to a media enquiry, says: "We are aware of this. The film is The Fugitive and we have removed this film from the schedule until the supplier provides us with the right version".

It's the latest in an ongoing list of technical broadcasting and service delivery problems afflicting the StarSat brand since China's StarTimes came onboard at the end of 2013 as the new financial backer of the Woodmead based pay-TV operator in South Africa which is in business rescue.