Wednesday, May 14, 2014

SABC3 acquires and adds first season of Canadian sci-fi drama ReGenesis; starting Wednesday 21 May at 22:00.

SABC3 has acquired and is adding to the schedule the first season of the Canadian science fiction drama, Regenesis, set to start on Wednesday, 21 May at 22:00 for 13 episodes first broadcast in 2004 and 2005.

ReGenesis lasted 4 seasons.

The clever show which was well-received, revolves around scientists working for the North America Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC) and its one laboratory in Toronto, Canada where they deal with various virusses, strange mutations, bio-terrorism and mysterious diseases afflicting mankind - as well as themselves.

The scientifically-sounding David Sandström (of the Daysöm Institute just kidding) is the leader and chief scientist and molecular biologist, and is played by Peter Outerbridge.

One character is a lead virologist, one is a genius with an IQ of 162 (and a secret) and one will be revealed to be gay halfway through the first episode (trying to find a cure for Aids).

ReGenesis' cast gets shaken up with some changes from the second season, but its not yet clear whether SABC3 will show further seasons, for now the first season is great to watch and follow and to introduce South African TV viewers to a whole new TV series.