Monday, May 26, 2014

RV Rampage on the Travel Channel starts tonight at 21:00; travelogue series sets a brisk reality competition pace through New Zealand.

A breath taking journey through the land of the Hobbits, New Zealand, kicks off tonight at 21:00 with the start of the scenic travel competition show, RV Rampage on Travel Channel (DStv 179) - and one of the teams competing comes from South Africa.

RV Rampage starts tonight on the Travel Channel and there's a new episode every weekday in this 10 episode series - so make sure you set that DStv Explora or DStv PVR and catch them all.

Imagine a bit of The Amazing Race, a bit of grueling physical Survivor challenges and then a car commercial of people driving through amazing landscapes, and then you have RV Rampage, with presenters Amanda Byram and Henry Cole.

With a backdrop of New Zealand's breath taking landscapes, stunning scenery and its incredible coastline, five international teams of two people battle it out in often hilarious and harder than what it looks challenges, to be crowned the ultimate adventurer.

The teams, in different colours, journey from Auckland on the North Island all the way to Queenstown on the South.

The RV Rampage teams do Tourist Challenges – designed to immerse them in the culture and lifestyle of New Zealand - as well as Rampage Challenges – designed to prove them physically, mentally and for them to conquer their fears. 

They also have to eat, sleep and live in the pockets of the very people they are competing against as the five pairs share three motor homes for the duration of the trip - there's no escaping each other.

Part travelogue, part adventure competition, part reality show, RV Rampage meanders through the very beautiful New Zealand landscape with a brisk pace, interesting challenges and with infotainment that makes you feel smarter without feeling like homework.