Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gareth Cliff bites the hand that fed him; tries to burn his orange SABC access card on the first day of The Gareth Cliff Show.

Gareth Cliff bit the hand that fed him for 10 years, trying to burn his SABC access card with a lighter on his first new internet radio show The Gareth Cliff Show, the studio video of which is also on a simulcast broadcast on Comedy Central (DStv 122).

On Thursday morning Gareth Cliff took open flame to his orange SABC access card (which interestingly is and remains the property of the SABC), declaring: "I just want to say, with peace and love, my time at the SABC is over".

The plastic card didn't want to burn. "I don't think we're going to get this thing lit," said Gareth Cliff. "I'm giving up on that. It's not going to work".

Gareth Cliff abruptly left the SABC's 5FM radio station after a decade on 31 March for the new internet radio station venture CliffCentral with its studio in Rivonia, which listeners can hear online and on wechat and which is also broadcast on television on Comedy Central on DStv.

Listening to the internet radio show for its 3 hours per day for a month, will use 900MB of internet data per month.

"Because we're on Comedy Central, this is going to be easier for us to get material from all their shows, like South Park and Jon Stewart and Tosh, Stephen Colbert - I think he's only on for a little while because he's taking over for Letterman soon," said Gareth Cliff.

"But we'll be able to use to use that material too, so we're going to have a whole lot of stuff".