Monday, May 5, 2014

Elena's Ghost starts on Telemundo as a new romantic ghost story telenovela on weekdays at 15:30.

Elena's Ghost (El Fantasma de Elena) is starting today on Telemundo (DStv 118) as a new weekday telenovela - a romantic ghost story about one woman and a ghost version of her, and the love triangle with one man.

Elena's Ghost replaces The Del Monte Dynasty and rolls out with a new episode every weekday at 15:30 with repeats.

Elena's Ghost will reset drastically after just 30 episodes (out of a total of 117) when the original story changes, and the original Spanish title was changed. It was changed again for a third time, and Elena's Ghost changed for a 4th time at episode 60, back to the original title.

Elizabeth GutiƩrrez is Elena and Segundo Cernadas is Eduardo.

Elena finds Eduardo unconscious in a forest, soon they get married, she goes to live with him in a castle, she discovers he had a previous wife, also named Elena.

That Elena lives on through her twin sister Daniela. Then the "real" Elena" also discovers that her husband and his brothers belong to a mytholocical race, complete with a lot of secrets and conspiracies.