Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BREAKING. The X-Factor South Africa host and judges are ... well, nobody can tell you because ZERO contracts have been signed.

You're reading it here first. 

With news breaking that SABC1 scooped The X-Factor South Africa that Rapid Blue will produce, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive regarding who the host and who the various judges will be - yet any and all names are guesses since not a single contract has been signed with anybody.

TV with Thinus got on the phone today and worked the lines and numerous sources close to the broadcaster and the upcoming production all say and emphasise the same thing: there's no contracts and no names.

That makes any and all names mentioned at this point speculation. "No talent has been appointed yet," various sources emphasise. "Any names anybody might mention are just that - names".

I'm told the SABC plans to unveil the name of the host and the various judges at a media event - all at the same time, although some or all of the names might start to leak before this media launch event.

I'm told that the SABC will tomorrow (Thursday) officially announce that SABC1 has acquired the local version of the show through Rapid Blue that is producing the format of FremantleMedia Ltd and Simco Ltd. - although it won't contain who is in and who has a part of the show.

Also not a done deal: That The X-Factor South Africa's actual set will be in Durban, although that seems very likely, given that the KZN Economic Development and Tourism Department will be involved with the production.