Monday, May 12, 2014

BREAKING. Oscar Pretorius TV trial: The surreal, real-life TV court drama that keeps on giving - Bladerunner now claims anxiety disorder.

You cannot script this: Oscar Pistorius who shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines Day last year and who has been on trial for premeditated murder, now suddenly claims a "generalised anxiety disorder" with court proceedings which adjourned today until tomorrow for the court to study the new report.

If Oscar Pistorius is referred for mental observation, he will spend 30 days in a state mental institution being psychologically evaluated.

This means that tomorrow (Tuesday 13 May) will be another important, must-watch day in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial to see if the judge agrees that Oscar Pistorius should go to a state mental institution for observation - or not.

It's the next massive and unexpected twist and big surprise in this much talked-about murder trial which continues to deliver surreal and real-life television soap opera drama.

The court adjourned - now with the possibility of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial stretching even longer as the former paralympic athlete known as the Bladerunner could be cloistered in a mental institution.

Being taken up in a state mental institution for 30 days in South Africa will also only happen - should the court refer Oscar Pistorius there - once there is space: in South Africa the waiting list for admission for psychological evaluation is months.

A former state psychatrist for Oscar Pistorius' defence, today claimed that Oscar Pistorius has a so-called "anxiety disorder" brought on by "an unstable childhood" and the "traumatic assault" of having his legs amputated as a baby.

It's not clear why this testimony surfaced only today, more than two months into the sensational trial which has riveted viewers worldwide and which is shown on television on TV channels like the Oscar Pistorius Trial TV channel on channel 199 on MultiChoice's DStv platform.

Keep in mind #1: It has never been Oscar Pistorius' defence that he can't distinguish between right and wrong - which is exactly now what a so-called "anxiety disorder" would suggest if Oscar Pistorius really suffers from one: that longtime anxiety issues made his unable to make sound judgments and decisions.

Keep in mind #2: The defence psychiatrist has been brought in and conducted interviews, and came to the conclusion of Oscar Pistorius' "sudden" anxiety disorder after May and during this month - two months after the murder trial started and Oscar Pistorius had been in court for several days, and more than a year after he had shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.