Friday, May 23, 2014

BREAKING. M-Net grabs must-see new reality show, I Wanna Marry Harry, shown on M-Net only 7 days after United States.

You're reading it here first. 

I can break the news and exclusively reveal that M-Net has just grabbed yet another wanna-watch, can't-look-away brand new TV show, I Wanna Marry Harry, which M-Net (DStv 101) is rushing to South African viewers.

I Wanna Marry Harry is a brand-new reality show in which daft American girls vie for the hand of "Prince Harry" - without realising that the remarkable lookalike it's not the real Prince Harry. M-Net is rolling out episodes just 7 days after its shown in the United States.

I Wanna Marry Harry on Mondays at 18:30 is yet another M-Net acquisition which the South African pay-TV broadcaster secured with episodes broadcast in the country incredibly close to the American broadcast dates.

I Wanna Marry Harry is produced by Zig Zag Productions and Ryan Seacrest Productions. Twelve girls compete for their chance to marry "Prince Harry" while living at an English mansion.

"Prince Harry" however is actually Matthew Hicks from Exeter and not the real Prince of Wales, who had to undergo lessons in royal etiquette, horseback riding and remembering the real Prince Harry's birthday, and really works cleaning up oil spills for an environmental consulting firm.

Each week "Harry" picks one lucky lady to take on an extravagant adventure, while another's dream of becoming a princess is dashed. As he narrows his choice the inevitable moment awaits when he will have to reveal that's he's more pauper than prince. Will the lucky girl still love him?

"M-Net has always been linked with the words 'magic', 'best' and 'first' and these days we can add the word 'speed' to our attributes," Lani Lombard, the M-Net's head of publicity and special projects tells TV with Thinus.

"Having I Wanna Marry Harry on M-Net (DStv 101) so soon after clinching the broadcast deal, and a mere week after its debut in the United States, is an incredible feat".

"It's also another feather in the cap for our M-Net Acquisitions team who have one mission only: to bring the best television content to our shores".