Sunday, April 6, 2014

SAFTAS 2014: The Saftas again botches the In Memoriam segment by forgetting or simply not knowing, and then blatantly leaving out names.

The National Film and Video Foundation's 8th South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) once again did a disrespectful disservice by messing up the In Memoriam segment with not just being unable to spell the dead's names correctly but even blatantly leaving out names of industry people who've passed away.

For a South African awards show that is supposedly for the South African film and TV industry, the NFVF, the Safta organising committee and Clive Morris Productions are falling far short of the very basic standards and expectations of what something like the Saftas should be.

Instead viewers and the South African industry get a trash production year after year after year.

Those who've passed away, and those still living and working in the TV and film industry and who should get recognition, all deserve better than this.

Who are the people creating this shoddy awards show who are not even able to get a very basic thing right like a complete In Memoriam list, with a proper spell check of names of the people who've died in our TV and film industry in the past year?

The Saftas "In Memoriam" segment honoured Alyce Chavunduka (spelled incorrectly as Chuvunduka), Bhoyi Mgena, Chaneli Moshoeshoe, Dale Cutts, Dudley Saunders, Ferdie Uphof, Jeremy Bonell, Joan Brickhill, Karabo Maithufi, Kurt Wustmann, Larissa Peters, Lesego Motsepe, Lisa Melman, Mixael de Kock, Paddy O'Byrne, Peter Hayes (spelled incorrectly as Heyes), Peter Krummick, Ronnie van Wijk, Sandra Ferreira, Vuyo Mbuli, Vuyolwethu Lima and special inclusion of Nelson Mandela.

If you instantly not just spotted the "Alyce Chuvunduka" spelling problem when the In Memoriam segment started, but also instantly knew of names left off, and out of, the list from those who've died, you can go and do the Saftas better than the production company and the organisers.

Click below to have the names revealed.

The 2014 Saftas' In Memoriam segment made a huge In Memoriam segment blunder by omitting these South Africans who made a valuable contribution to TV and film:

Phil Ramone, pioneering music producer for TV, film and Broadway who died in March 2013.

Victor "Dynaross" Ravhuanzwo, the SABC's Limpopo general manager who died in April 2013

- Ivan Oberholzer, the SABC cameraman who died in May 2013

- Legendary music producer Koloi Lebona who died in September 2013 and who among other things scored the movie Under African Skies

- Actor Nico Liebenberg who died in January 2014.

- Actress Aletta Majola of Generations who died in January 2014.

- Writer, Prof. Mbulelo Mzamane and former SABC board member, who died in February 2014

- Actor, writer and director Glyn Jones who died in April 2014