Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SABC can't tell broadcasting regulator if all TV commercials are screened like the banned DA political ad; cant explain why it was played twice.

The SABC was unable to answer the South African broadcasting regulator's Compliance and Complaints Committee on Tuesday night after banning a paid-for political TV commercial, "Ayisafani", from the Democratic Alliance (DA) political party last week, and failed to say whether all TV commercials and all political TV commercials are prescreened, screened and screened again like what was done with the Ayisafani TV advert.

The SABC also failed to give a reason to the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa (Icasa) as to why the DA political party's TV commercial was shown three times before it was removed.

Other TV channels such as eNCA say they have no problem with broadcasting the political TV advert.

The "emergency" public hearing held last night was adjourned so that the SABC can find and come up with answers for the Compliance and Complaints Committee and will resume again at 18:00 this evening (Wednesday).