Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu 'so excited' about brand-new 13th season of Three Talk with Noeleen starting today at 16:00 on SABC3.

Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu "is so excited about going live again" insiders say about the new season of Three Talk with Noeleen, South Africa's only local, hour long and live, weekday television talk show starting again today in the new timeslot of 16:00 on SABC3.

"The studio is her home as it is to everyone who works on the show," insiders at the Urban Brew production told TV with Thinus today as the production gets ready to broadcast the first live episode of the new 13th season on SABC3 at 16:00.

"It's a homecoming for us today," said one. "Noeleen is very excited about kicking off the new season," said an insider.

Three Talk with Noeleen went into an unusual repeat cycle for months since the end of 2013 with no explanation from SABC3 as to why or when a new season would start.

It gave rise to various rumours - from Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu leaving the show, being in ill health, possible contractual problems, and Three Talk being cancelled - none of which is true.

Insiders told TV with Thinus "there were a lot of rumours but there was nothing going on behind the scenes". "There's no issued with the SABC," said one.

"The show is carrying on as normal. There was never an issue," said an insider. "There's been a relationship of 11 years. There is a good relationship between the SABC and the talk show," added a source.

The live studio audience concept which was introduced a while back on Three Talk with Noeleen will remain but for special occasions where it is appropriate, insiders tell TV with Thinus.

A studio audience will be included on Three Talk shows where "there is something for the audience to take out - if there is a special performer in or a show that allows for studio audience participation".

There also won't be any set changes for the new season.

Regular faces like Sharon Glass and other Three Talk guests - the "core regulars" as they're referred to - the people who viewers have come to know and trust, will be back and the weekday talker will be introducing some new ones later in the year.

"They're part of that show's family; that won't change," quipped an insider.

Three Talk with Noeleen will remain heavily integrated with social media during the weekday talk show which is done live - and which today's first new episode will be.

"Live interaction has become very much a part of the show's format," said a studio insider. "People can't always get through on the telephone lines. Twitter is a great way for the audience to be a part of the conversation that is happening in studio".

TV with Thinus also reached super producer Joanne Lurie by telephone this morning.

"Really this season is all about being current and relevant and fresh," said the senior producer on the show.

"We're sticking with a lot of celebrity profiling but we will also be continuing with the conversations which are happening nationally. Anything that's relevant to the people of the country we carry forward as a conversation," she said when asked what awaits in the 13th season.

"We're a talk show, so a lot of entertainment but we will remain current and relevant and will be discussing what will be happening on the day. We want Three Talk with Noeleen to be a place for South Africa to continue the conversation, whatever that conversation happens to be".

Also asked about the set, Joanne Lurie also confirmed that the set will remain as it is. "We feel that it is the right environment for Three Talk at the moment. And you know, if its not broken, don't fix it. The set is really working".

"It's very important for us, after being on air for many years, to constantly be fresh. It's important for us to never get stale. It is important to stay relevant. We always want the show to be fresh," said Joanne Lurie.

"The show is a challenge for us and it is fun and we love it and we never get bored of it and it is a lot of fun for us to be starting the new season".