Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heavily hyped #PlsCallMe on Mzansi Magic Music with multiple weekly episodes, cut down to just one episode per week on Saturdays.

#PlsCallMe on Mzansi Magic Music (DStv 321) is more a case of please make it go away - Mzansi Magic Music has cut down and done away with the show's multiple weekly episodes which has been reduced to just one a week barely months after it launched at the end of January.

Mzansi Magic Music hyped the start of #PlsCallMe in January with the return to television of former Jam Alley presenter V-Mash, as well as Nestum and Phule Welsh with #PlsCallMe which appeared to be positioned as the channel's new flagship show and early primetime anchor.

Now #PlsCallMe, a viewer music request show, has fizzled out to one episode a week on Saturdays at 18:00.

It appears potential viewers didn't even want to do the effort or waste the energy of interacting with a request show even if it doesn't cost them anything.

"Due to the nature of the television industry, we review our scheduling regularly and a decision was made to screen it once a week," Mzansi Magic Music tells TV with Thinus in response to a media enquiry as to why #PlsCallMe is suddenly down to one weekly episode.

Mzansi Magic says "#PlsCallMe is not the channel's flagship show".