Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FAIL. eNCA messes up again as the TV news channel again incorrectly identifies someone during election season.

This is not Mmusi Maimane.

Other obvious statements would be to say that someone at eNCA (DStv 403) is new, that somebody is not doing their job, that there is a major problem with on-screen editorial oversight of eNCA lower-third barker content, and that clearly nobody is getting fired, or has been fired for the shocking on-screen oopsies of late.

After this unapologetically bad mess on eNCA just a week ago, the 24-hour TV news channel is again clueless when it comes to incorrectly identifying people - and showing that there is nobody else checking and correcting other people's mistakes.

It's alarming that mistakes like these - in quick succession - is happening on eNCA in the TV channel's news coverage, with just days to go to South Africa's next big general election.