Friday, April 11, 2014 adds new format family TV game show, I Love South Africa; produced at Sasani Studios, starting on 3 May at 18:05. is adding a new format family TV game show, I Love South Africa, based on the Talpa format I Love My Country.

Following a deal with African Media & Productions Network (AMPN), will broadcast I Love South Africa from Saturday 3 May at 18:05.

I Love South Africa is produced at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg.

"I Love South Africa is fresh, it's comedic, and insightful," says Monde Twala,'s head of channels. "We live in a vibrant country with positive and fun-loving people. It's a fantastic game show format that celebrates our democracy in a fun and light way that is truly South African".

The format I Love My Country has been produced in 30 countries already and is in its 12th season in the Netherlands.

"I Love South Africa is a perfect fit with and South Africa," says Harrie Linders, the co-founder of AMPN. "We are thrilled to produce the show in the year that South Africa celebrates its 20 years of democracy".