Wednesday, April 23, 2014

eNCA's NewsNight anchors, Jeremy Maggs and Iman Rappetti in an on-air 'quicky' which derails the broadcast.

You're reading it here first.

eNCA's flagship nightly newscast, NewsNight, with co-anchors Jeremy Maggs and Iman Rappetti on Wednesday night was inappropriate and ill-suited when Jeremy Maggs' weird joke about "a quicky" derailed the broadcast just before a break when Iman Rappetti burst out laughing and couldn't properly speak anymore.

It's possibly the first off-key misstep ever of South African television news' premier anchoring duo.

Their usually unflappable style which cleverly sees them smooth over technical mistakes and cover for each other, their warm co-anchoring demeanour, professional real-time presence, and their subdued humour which always strikes just the right tone, went slightly off kilter on Wednesday night's NewsNight.

"Well, time now for a quicky ... a market update that is," said Jeremy Maggs.

Co-anchor Iman Rappetti's eyes went wide, followed by a gasp and then laughter which she tried to hold in - but also making her swallow her words which became almost inaudible to viewers.

NewsNight cut to a break on eNCA, leaving viewers feeling oddly, strange, uncertain as to what to make of the live on-air oops.

As a side-note, the NewsNight's business anchor Andile Gumede was simply terrible on Wednesday night - either completely unprepared, struggling with a broken autocue, or the victim of his own doing or some other form of technical difficulties.

Andile Gumede's delivery on Wednesday night, repetitive mistakes, staccato non-sensical sentences and blabbering business mumbo-jumbo made for cringe-worthy television - not the tape to take with your CV as an example of your work to your next job interview.