Friday, April 4, 2014

BREAKING. SABC3 decides to remain with original American show title, Scandal, for Shonda Rhimes' Kerry Washington drama.

SABC3 which has acquired the first season of the American TV drama Scandal with Kerry Washington has decided to stick with the original American title of the show and will not be changing it to The Fixer as pay-TV broadcaster M-Net has to try and distinguish the show from the already-existing weekday soap Scandal! on

SABC3 channel head Aisha Mohamed told TV with Thinus on Friday morning that the channel will be sticking with the drama's original title and not be changing it to The Fixer like M-Net has done.

"It makes more sense to keep the original name of the show, which is what people around the world knows it as," says Aisha Mohamed. "Internationally people are watching Scandal with [Kerry Washington] and the decision was taken to keep it like that for South Africa," she says. 

In October 2012 M-Net changed Scandal to The Fixer for South Africa and Africa. 

That happened after M-Net acquired the rights to the popular Shonda Rhimes drama earlier in 2012, and had an original starting date for Scandal of July 2012. 

M-Net however counter-programmed Scandal for the 19:30 timeslot - the exact same time as's weekday soap Scandal!

M-Net suddenly removed Scandal from the line-up before the show started, changed it to The Fixer, gave it another timeslot and moved the show to a new starting date three months later.