Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BREAKING. SABC says the Democratic Alliance's 2nd 'Ayisafani' political TV ad is not banned.

The SABC tells TV with Thinus rumours are unfounded that the South African public broadcaster allegedly banned the 2nd "Ayisafani" political TV commercial from the Democratic Alliance (DA) party.

Unconfirmed stories suddenly started swirling on Wednesday morning that the 2nd TV advert from the political party had been banned by the SABC.

"It is not true. The SABC is playing the advert," Kaizer Kganyago, SABC spokesperson just told me over the phone. He also responded to an emailed media enquiry, also stating that "the answer is no! The ad will be played".

Earlier on Wednesday morning, the Democratic Alliance (DA) suddenly claimed that the SABC had refused to play its second "Ayisafani" TV commercial, saying in a statement that "the DA has just learnt that the SABC will not allow our second Ayisafani television advert to air in this crucial final week of the campaign".

The SABC banned the Democratic Alliance political party's first "Ayisafani" TV commercial on 8 April claiming that it "incites violence" and followed it up by banning a political advert from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party two weeks later.