Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BREAKING. National Geographic Channel pulls controversial and shocking new Nazi War Diggers TV series which is called 'a disgrace'.

National Geographic Channel (DStv 181) is pulling a new series Nazi War Diggers which was set to be broadcast globally following massive controversy and major criticism from archeologists which erupted around the show, The New York Times reports.

In Nazi War Diggers, so-called experts search for the graves of German and Soviet soldiers, treasure hunting human remains, and improperly handling the remains of dead soldiers.

Archeologists, battlefield historians and critics are livid at National Geographic for the insensitive and macabre way in which the human remains of soldiers are handled in Nazi War Diggers and is calling the show "a disgrace".

"The trailer on the internet was absolutely shocking, and very damaging for National Geographic," Tony Pollard, the director of the Center for Battlefield Archaeology at the University of Glasgow told The New York Times.

National Geographic Channel has now indefinitely shelved Nazi War Diggers. and says it "takes seriously the questions that have been asked".

It appears that National Geographic Channel also lied. National Geographic Channel said that the Latvian government approved the show's work as one of the places where grave digging took place - meanwhile the Latvian War Museum says in a statement it is opposed to the show.

National Geographic Channel also said none of the items dug up would be sold, but one of the American diggers already placed a war helmet online for sale.