Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BREAKING. eNCA opens entries for new 6 month eNCA News Broadcasting Bootcamp; wants to establish an eAcademy for TV news training.

eNCA (DStv 403) will be running a 6 month News Broadcasting Bootcamp from June to December at the South African 24-hour TV news channel's headquarters in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, with people who can enter now, as eNCA gets ready to establish  a new eAcademy for TV news training in the country.

The 10 successful candidates (paired into five groups of 2 people each) for this year's broadcasting bootcamp will get a stipend, and will have to be prepared to work irregular and long hours, including weekends and public holidays (this is the news, people!, join the club).

They will however not be housed in barracks (meaning eNCA is not providing housing) if you're not in or from Johannesburg.

Interested people can enter here at http://takemeonline.co/enca-bootcamp/

The eNCA News Broadcasting Bootcamp will teach skills including news writing and TV reporting, camera operation, video editing, archives, news logistics and online reporting:

Output (4 weeks): writing for bulletins - including crawlers, Voice-Overs, Packages, graphics, building rundowns, liaising with studio guests, liaising with anchors…
Assignments (4 weeks): sourcing story ideas, researching potential stories, pitching ideas, introduction to ENG by shadowing Reporters, LIVE news production via SNG, story structure...
Camera (2 weeks): introduction to operating ENG cameras, basics of shot composition, visualising stories…
Edit (2 weeks): introduction to the grammar of TV news editing, basics of operating Final Cut Pro, workflows…
Online (4 weeks): the convergence of television and online, producing multimedia content for online, social media…
Archives (2 weeks): the fundamentals of archive content, metadata, content selection and retrieval, shots lists and logging…
News Logistics (2 weeks): introduction to satellite and data deliveries, understanding technologies, scheduling live uplinks, organising content for transmission.

To enter you need to have completed an undergraduate degree or a national diploma of three years, be passionate about South Africa and world affairs, have an insatiable curiosity about the world, have a wide-ranging general knowledge, and have the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Since eNCA launched in June 2008 as the eNews Channel, the main aim was to keep the on-air news stream going.

eNCA hopes that the 6 month graduate program starting in June will be the first stage of what will become a full-year program from 2015 in a brand-new eAcademy.

The 6 month news broadcasting bootcamp will be an introduction and overview to TV news reporting, where the full year graduate program of the eAcademy will be a far more comprehensive, 360 degree, comprehensive news reporting training experience.

The 10 candidates will initially go through two weeks of orientation and general lectures at eNCA to get them ready for the workplace. 

The program will then complete with a 4 week elective block whereby the candidates can choose any of the areas of the business to spend a longer period with. 

Why is eNCA calling it a news Bootcamp? Well, because it is designed to show interested graduates that 24-hour television news is a demanding and relentless beast that comes with a fair dose of shouting, profanity, fatigue, insanity, excitement, adrenalin, a lot of chasing, a lot of hurry up and waiting and of trying to do the best under duress.

"We want to produce damn fine TV news journalists that can keep the eNCA flag flying high," the news channel tells TV with Thinus.

"We also believe it’s our duty to contribute to the advancement of quality television news in South Africa. Will our competitors end up benefitting from this graduate program? Of course they will."

"We won't be able to employ all the candidates after the program so it would only be natural that some of them go off to the SABC News or ANN7. But we know that at some point they'd want to come back 'home' and would do so with a richer experience".

"Who do we want? Graduates from any field, not just journalism. Show me a B.Sc graduate with a post-grad in journalism and I'll sit up quickly. There are some non-negotiables though that anyone who works in TV news must have - an insatiable curiosity, an exceptionally wide-ranging general knowledge, and a passion for debating South African and world affairs".

Does it matter what you look like or sound like? "No," says eNCA. "We're not looking for TV news anchors. We want people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and learn as much as they possibly can".