Friday, March 14, 2014

BREAKING. FOX Crime from FIC Africa disappears and goes black on StarSat with no warning, reason or explanation to subscribers.

FOX Crime (StarSat 131) has completely disappeared and gone black on On Digital Media's (ODM) StarSat platform with no warning or explanation from the company, and no word on when - of if - FOX Crime will return.

ALSO READ: StarSat has now responded and says FOX Crime is not gone permanently but that there is "a temporary technical problem at the uplink site".

StarSat, formerly TopTV, is planning to add FOX Movies as a new TV channel but has not said anything further about it since news leaked last month.

FOX Crime however disappeared on Thursday night without any explanation to subscribers as to what happened. The FOX Crime TV channel is also available on MultiChoice's DStv platform and FOX Crime is run and distributed by Fox International Channels (FIC).

StarSat subscribers so far got no explanation from the company as to what happened, whether there is some technical problem, or whether the channel has been yanked permanently.

Since China's StarTimes came onboard as an investor in StarSat, StarSat continues to suffer month-to-month from debilitating broadcast quality problems which include bad video and audio on several channels, and channels disappearing without warning and then being restored.

Subscribers also continue to complain about ongoing decoder reception problems, saying StarSat decoders are not receiving certain channels.

StarSat didn't immediately respond to a media enquiry asking what happened to FOX Crime.

FOX International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) tells TV with Thinus FOX Crime is still being delivered to StarSat but that "StarSat has been having technical problems".

"The channel is still being delivered to StarSat by FIC. We are unable to comment on technical delivery issues that StarSat is undergoing".