Monday, February 17, 2014

Survivor South Africa: Champions on M-Net shows viewers a bat ... and shows us contestant Buhle Madlala.

Television is not literature, but I often wonder whether some things shown on television are purely co-incidence, or due to very clever content producers and content editors using literary devices to make secret, visual in-jokes.

Above is a bat Survivor South Africa: Champions on M-Net showed viewers in Sunday evening's episode of the 5th season of the reality show.

A little while later, here is contestant Buhle Madlala, shown sleeping in a hammock:

Pure co-incidence? Deliberate, sly symbolic mirroring?

Buhle Madlala wrapped in black mirrors the bat above in posture, colour and form.

Keep in mind that although it might not look so and seem frivolous entertainment, that every single second matters in television.

With so much content, every single second that is shown in a TV episode is cut, edited and included because someone meticulously, consciously, decided to keep that second, and discard lots of other stuff.

It's also very possibly that I'm always just over-analysing everything too much. Chill. It's just television.