Thursday, February 6, 2014

Strong with the Force is the MythBusters on Discovery Channel, young padawans. Watch you must on Sunday in Star Wars Myth Special.

Look, and learn, young padawans. Strong the Force is with MythBusters on Discovery Channel (DStv 121) which has an amazing Star Wars : Revenge of the Myth special episode this Sunday, 9 February at 18:35.

You don't want to watch this Solo: Grab a bag of bantha fodder and watch this Sunday as Adam and Jamie will attempt to separate physics from fictions in a hilarious episode visiting that galaxy far, far away.

These are not the droids, but the answers you've always been looking for about that fascinating world George Lucas created a long, long time ago.

Slave girl actress Sophia Bush helps the intrepid duo (no, not the golden one and the short beeping one) to try and find all the answers all real Wookies need to know.

Like: could Luke really have swung across a huge chasm on the end of a rope while holding Princess Leia and trying to escape Stormtroopers?

Could Han Solo's ingenuity of stuffing Luke Skywalker inside a Tauntaun really have saved him from the bitterly cold and deadly elements of the ice planet Hoth?

And could the primitive weapons of the Ewoks realistically take down some of Darth Vader's most sophisticated weapons?

Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth on Discovery Channel this Sunday evening is a must-see holocron programme. Or television. If you only have one of those.