Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rands with Sense on SABC2, starting Thursday 20 February at 11:00, to help South African consumers with better money management.

Rands with Sense is a new local, educational TV series, starting on Thursday, 20 February at 11:00 on SABC2 in which 26 episodes will help South African consumers with better money management.

At least 20 million South African adults have debt, 50% are in default and facing legal action, and the average South African has between 7 and 13 debit orders.

Rands with Sense, produced by 2 blonds and a redhead filming, will focus on real South Africans with real financial issues who share their tales of woe with viewers. In the half hour episodes they are then assisted by debt counsellors, life coaches and other experts to help them on the road to financial freedom

Moeshfieka Botha, consumer finance reporter, is one of the Rands with Sense contributors. The show is shot in Cape Town and Bloemfontein on location and is produced mainly in Afrikaans and Sesotho with English subtitles.

The presenter of Rands with Sense on SABC2 will be Owen Manamela-Mogane.

"Society is riddled with shame and guilt about our finances," says Rands with Sense director Anne Myers. "In a contemporary, popular and funky manner, Rands with Sense brings financial transparency and honesty. Viewers will find financial solutions in a happy, positive manner".

"Rands with Sense looks at financial challenges that ordinary South Africans confront," says Tshilidzi Davhana, SABC Education commissioning editor.

"These sometimes result in people losing their homes, getting divorced and children being thrown out of school.The programme helps lenders and consumers to understand the impact of borrowing without paying creditors," says Tshilidzi Davhana.