Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mahreen Chenia on ANN7 remains an on-air embarrassment, unable to read properly and making a litany of reading and pronunciation mistakes.

Mahreen Chenia continues to be a major on-air embarrassment for ANN7 (DStv 405) due to her ongoing inability to read properly.

She remains on-air at the Infinity Media run, 24-hour TV news channel supplied to MultiChoice's DStv platform, although Mahreen Chenia is clearly, definitely, not TV news anchor or presenter material.

DStv subscribers have to watch as she stumbles along, making mistake after mistake after mistake.

On Sunday, Mahreen Chenia - anchoring a news bulletin on ANN7 and sitting in front of a green screen with a badly done superimposed virtual TV news set behind her - struggled with the proper pronunciation of words and names and made more news reading and elocution mistakes than what any professional news reader should be making in any given news bulletin.

Either Mahreen Chenia isn't reading her scripts beforehand and practising it as would be standard or trying to find out how to say things, has nobody at ANN7 who oversees correct pronunciation, or simply doesn't care as the litany of mistakes creates an unprofessional and untrustworthy image of ANN7.

It was Mahreen Chenia who shocked as one of the amateur co-presenters and who viewers saw in the now infamous on-air gaffe which TV with Thinus was first to show in August 2013 during the launch night of ANN7 and which instantly went viral.

In December 2013 ANN7 executives had no problem and saw nothing wrong to put a hoarse, ill Mahreen Chenia on air who could hardly read in yet another have-to-see-it-to-believe-it moment.

On Sunday Mahreen Chenia stumbled over words, phrases and sentences multiple times. Mahreen Chenia doesn't know how to properly pronounce "Jesse Duarte" and struggled with NFP president "Zanela ... excuse me, Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi".

She embarrassingly mixed up "hostel" with "hospital". Not once, but twice at different times in the same bulletin.

She struggled to get her own ANN7 colleague's name, "Chante Jantjies" out.

Then there suddenly was this: Does even Mahreen Chenia know what she was doing or reading, when out of the blue, she said: "The R3 million former president Nelson Mandela left to his grandson Mandla Mandela. Of course.  Well have you more on that - we'll bring you more on the story".

Dulles International Airport she twice pronounced "jewels" (instead of the correct "Dull-is").

A drinking game can be done with the number of times Mahreen Chenia apologises with the constantly used word "rather", as in: "the body of a child, aged - a girl child rather, uh, between..." which is just one example during Sunday's broadcast.

How many mistakes is a person allowed to make, and for how long, before TV news channel executives need to admit a mistake and remove someone to first go for some more training, experience and maturity?

ANN7 keeps damaging their brand through Mahreen Chenia who is just not suited for the on-air position of a presenter at the anchor desk.