Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BREAKING. MultiChoice's GOtv pay-TV service in Zimbabwe has gone dark with no explanation from MultiChoice as to why.

MultiChoice's GOtv pay-TV service in Zimbabwe, its low-cost digital terrestrial TV service, has been yanked off the air with no explanation or reason from MultiChoice in Zimbabwe.

Confused, angry and bewildered GOtv subscribers have no idea as to what happened, why it happened, or what is going on and the pan-African pay-TV giant is mute as far as any customer service and explanations are concerned.

MultiChoice's GOtv which was launched at the beginning of March last year in Zimbabwe is gone since the end of January without giving any reason as to why. As it suffers massive ongoing brand damage, some subscribers are openly wondering if GOtv can ever recover.

With no explanations the press (here) is wondering why nothing is being communicated as to what is going on, when GOtv subscribers will have their pay-TV service restored, and who is to blame.

According to site TechZim, GOtv on Facebook alluded to a big problem with "relevant authorities", that GOtv is "unavailable due to issues beyond our control" and that GOtv subscribers will not be charged a subscription fee while GOtv has gone dark.

Meanwhile hundreds of angry and upset GOtv subscribers have taken to the silent GoTV Zimbabwe Facebook page where their questions and comments are completely ignored by MultiChoice Zimbabwe which is refusing to say what is happening, why GOtv went off the air, and not providing any kind of actual customer and subscriber service.

GOtv subscribers who are demanding their money back, even went as far as parodying MultiChoice in Zimbabwe's Facebook message which has now become its own meme:

There's been no press statement or response from MultiChoice Zimbabwe as to why its service were cut and went dark.

The terms and conditions of use for GOtv Zimbabwe on www.gotvafrica.com were also suddenly removed.