Thursday, February 20, 2014

BREAKING. eNCA adds new environmental show, Earth Watch, from Tuesday 25 February at 10:45 with presenters Amy MacIver and Lance Witten.

You're reading it here first.

eNCA (DStv 403) is adding a new 15 minute show show Earth Watch from Tuesday 25 February at 10:45 presented by Amy MacIver (right) and Lance Witten.

The six episode environmental documentary series will contain eco-friendly tips in the weekly episodes and bring viewers environmental news.

The presenters are and eNCA telenalities - eNews anchor Amy MacIver (previously Amy Brooke and now married), and Lance Witten who left eNCA as sports presenter in mid-2013.

Earth Watch is written and produced by Elisabeth Tandy and Amy MacIver.

"The show is light enough for non-greenies to get their teeth into, and at the same time tackle meatier issues facing South Africa conversation," says Debbie Meyer, the head of eNCA's current affairs division.

"We're delighted to add this dynamic new show into our programming mix. The show's aim is to try and make us understand why we all need to be concerned about the environment".

Some of the stories covered on Earth Watch on eNCA will be the ongoing battle to save the rhino, rising sea levels, a controversial new hotel in the Kruger National Park, the plight of the honey bee, the surge in urban farming and a special pre-election piece on the different political parties' policies on the environment.

Earth Watch will repeat on eNCA on Wednesdays (12:45), Thursdays (10:45; 16:45), Fridays (11:45; 17:45), Saturdays (06:45; 14:45; 18:45) and Sundays (09:45; 17:45).