Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BREAKING. Anyone can watch Selimathunzi on SABC1 - you're just not actually good enough to be one of their on-air presenters.

Although its a nationally seen TV show on a national TV channel on a public broadcaster no less, SABC1 and its entertainment magazine show Selimathunzi is shamelessly discriminating by demanding that a new presenter only be from KwaZulu-Natal.

Entries for the Selimathunzi presenter search closes today. Interested people from the poor province where internet broadband access is not readily available and expensive, has to enter online.

SABC1 and Selimathunzi and their discriminatory "activation" for the brands are looking for a black presenter to do the black carpet at the 2014 13th Metro FM Music Awards. The SABC and Selimathunzi calls it a "regional talent search". The only problem is that it only involves one region.

"The search is the first of its kind and will translate into compelling reality entertainment," says Dichaba Phalatse, SABC1's portfolio marketing manager for entertainment.

The Selimathunzi presenter search is "meant for KwaZulu-Natal residents only".

Although they're not good enough to actually enter or possibly be a black carpet presenter, SABC1 and Selimathunzi would presumably like viewers from all other provinces to watch the show and the channel and come across as being "inclusive" - which it isn't.

When a Top Billing, or MTV Base hold a presenter search, it's not discriminatory regarding region and not restrictive like Selimathunzi, looking to find the best possible presenter irrespective of where they might be or live to give their show and channel the best on-air talent they can find.

I asked SABC1 why a public TV channel on the South African public broadcaster feels that is can blatantly dsicriminate by selectively choosing to only accept entries for a competition from just one province.

"SABC1 hosts many nationwide presenter searches and the channel has launches many young careers and remains committed to doing so in the future," SABC1 tells TV with Thinus.

"The Black Carpet Presenter Search forms part of the MetroFM Music Awards within the KwaZulu-Natal umbrella. We are giving KwaZulu-Natal residents an opportunity," says SABC1.