Friday, February 14, 2014

BBC World News dumps Fast:track, relaunches the show as The Travel Show with a new team of global travel presenters.

BBC World News (StarSat 400 / DStv 400) is dumping its weekend travel show Fast:track and replacing and relaunching it as The Travel Show from Saturday 15 February at 15:30 (South African time) and with new presenters.

(Don't bother looking for the title in the DStv EPG or StarSat EPG; although the show starts tomorrow it doesn't appear - look for where you see Fast:track. If you record or watch it, you will have The Travel Show.)

The Travel Show will have Rajan Datar as main presenter who used to present Fast: track, but now joined by presenters across the globe, reporting on travel trends and must-visit destinations.

Other presenters on The Travel Show include Christa Larwood, Ade Adepitan, Carmen Roberts and Henry Golding.

"The Travel Show will address a real need among modern travellers," says Carey Clark, The Travel Show executive producer. "In a world suffering from information overload we'll help guide viewers find the best deals and discover the hottest and most exciting new destinations".

"The Travel Show isn't your typical TV travel programme," says Emma De'Ath, the commissioning editor for BBC Global News.

"The team behind one of the most watched global travel shows will continue to engage the curious and intelligent traveller who wants to explore the world, and will reveal just how different connected modern travel is from tourism of the past".

"We're delighted to introduce four exciting new faces to The Travel Show team, each of whom brings a fresh dimension to the show".

This year The Travel Show will showcase the very best in consumer and travel journalism visiting 70 countries. Each weekly half hour show will focus on current issues and trends that are influencing global travel choices – from high-end trips to budget vacations.

Some of the planned destinations in 2014 for The Travel Show include the Maldives, New Zealand, France, India, Belgium, Mexico, Sudan, Myanmar, Macedonia and Bulgaria. In addition to regular programming, the team will also focus on a specific country or destination; India, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia and Brazil are up this year.