Friday, February 21, 2014

AVIAN BLUE. An eagle swoops and attacks eNCA's East Africa bureau chief, Robyn Kriel, in Kenya, thinking she is a fish.

eNCA's East Africa bureau chief Robyn Kriel got quite a fright this week when an eagle swooped in and attacked her - probably thinking she's a fish - just as Robyn Kriel stood ready to deliver her piece to camera.

In Kisumu, Kenya, a startled Robyn Kriel then unleashed, hilariously, an expletive laced, choice few words which would never make it to television, after the bird swooped down behind her and tried to grab her head.

Robyn Kriel was filming at a fish market on the shores of Lake Victoria according to eNCA, when the eagle dove down and ruffled some hair, if not feathers.

A funny clip of Robyn Kriel's unexpected eagle encounter can be watched here.