Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somebody. Anybody. Quick. Get that brilliant Bonang Matheba a game show. A talk show. A reality show. Oh, wait ...

Were telegenic Bonang Matheba a team player in sports on the field, her happy coach would call her an all-rounder - that rarest of rare players you can not only send out to battle in any position, but who also excels in every position and helps to bring it home for the team.

If you didn't see her do it, tune in for the repeat of SABC3's Top Billing on Sunday at 12:00 to marvel at not just Bonang Matheba the TV presenter, but brilliant Bonang Matheba the game show host and quiz show master.

Its not idle praise, nor undeserved recognition, of the simply excellent on-screen television talent that's being exhibited by this South African TV maven.

Bonang Matheba - cast as an uber elegant Greek goddess in a once-off format change of sorts (and brilliantly produced by the way) - simply shined on Thursday evening in an episode of Top Billing which emulated the genre of classic game show television with perfect success.

While viewers and contestants of the Top Billing had to answer questions about the show, Bonang Matheba, who got passed a new ball, suddenly just ran with it and resoundingly successful scored yet another perfect touchdown: that of quiz show presenter par excellence.

Certain TV formats simply suit certain presenters better - it's not a bad thing, its just that certain types of shows plays better to the different strength of different presenters.

Then there's the remarkable few like Bonang Matheba - people in and on television who are audiovisual virtuosos, transcendent TV stars with the capability to fit any mold, and to become anything (and perfectly so) that the director or floor manager or producer shouts in their ear.

These TV people don't just become the best of what a specific format requires, they simply are it already and imbue it with what's inherently inside themselves and cannot help but be brought forth.

Can Bonang Matheba also be a TV game show host? If you watch this week's Top Billing the answer is not just unequivocally yes, its a yes which comes attached with exceptionalism.

Besides Top Billing, Bonang Matheba already got close to game show raconteur. She was and remains a presenter on Mzansi Magic's reality singing competition Clash of the Choirs which will be back for a second season this year.

Would I be surprised if Top Travel, the Top Billing off-shoot adds Bonang Matheba to the mix to turn the duo travelling show of Jeannie D and Janez Vermeiren into a trio to not just spice it up but to alleviate production pressure if there's three presenters?

Would I be surprised if Bonang Matheba adds a limited-run type TV talk show like fellow Top Billing presenter Jo-Ann Strauss did for

Would I be surprised if Bonang Matheba did a The Talk or a The View type daily local talk show as a first ever for South Africa, like for instance M-Net or M-Net Series Reality as a signature type show for that channel with her as the main moderator?

No, no and no. And no to being surprised by basically any TV format she might attempt to further add to her growing on-screen resume.

Bonang Matheba's name means "look at". And in the world of television its now clear that you can look at Bonang Matheba in anything that she wants to appear in - without having to worry if she'll make it.

For when it comes to television touchdowns Bonang Matheba has made it self-evident that she will score for you. And isn't planning on ever dropping the ball.