Monday, January 27, 2014

EXIT INTERVIEW. Survivor SA Champions' Ashleigh Bryant voted out first: 'It was a shock. Yes I was blindsided.'

On Sunday evening Ashleigh Bryant (23) from Cape Town became the first evicted contestant from the new season on M-Net, when her torch got snuffed after a dramatic turn of events of double-cross, blindsided, didn't-see-that-coming alliance switching.

I caught up with Ashleigh Bryant on Sunday to ask her more about her experience on the island, the show, and how she feels after what happened.

Read what Ashley Bryant told me about missing toilet paper, who she would like to see win and what she thinks about the show.

How does it feel to be the first person voted out of Survivor South Africa Champions?
Not so great. I think it's always one of the hardest things to go out being the first. It was quite a shock. You just got to take it in your stride.

Do you feel you were blindsided?
I think I was. Yes. I was blindsided because I don't see myself as being the weakest. I think I have a lot to offer in terms of physical strength, mental strength. I was under the impression that regardless of which alliances were where, that we were going to follow Corne's lead. So yes. It was a shock.

Have you been back to Cape Town and what did people make of you?
I actually graduated. I graduated before I went on the show, and I'm currently looking for a job. So I haven't been thrust into the public that much. From the people I know and the people in my life - they're all very positive and supportive and they loved it. I'm feeling like its my 15 minutes of fame here.

What about the show surprised you the most?
How hard it would be and how suspicious you become. You quickly become suspicious of people.

And why did you decided to enter the show?
I love the show. I'm a die-hard fan and have been for many years.

What was for you the most difficult thing, one the actual show began and you arrived on the island?
Probably food. I'm a big eater. So that was quite a huge thing to get my head around.

I see you said you studied film, or studying film was part of your tertiary studies. What do you make of the way in which Survivor South Africa Champions looks and the way in which it has been filmed?
It's blowing my mind. I think its beautiful. Production did a great job. It was very professional and everything is top class.

Since you're not going to win I think, who would you like to win?
Well, taking my personal feelings out of it, I think the person who has the most entertainment value for me, I think Zavion should take it. He's breaking stereotypes. He's doing a great job. Knowing him on the island, he's huge, he's a sweetheart. And although there were moments when I didn't really trust him, I know that he's a good person and I think that he deserves it.

What do you appreciate more after having done the show?
The toilet and my toilet paper.

Ha ha.
A luxury that you really do take for granted. I mean, there's been times that I've forgotten to buy toilet paper and its been a huge crisis and the end of the world. But I will never forget again.

And my last question Ashleigh, is, what did you learn from Survivor South Africa Champions as an experience?
Uhm. What have I learned? To look at the bigger picture. Not to get too invested in the little things which are happening right there. Just to take a step back and to be calm about the things you're doing.

Thanks so much for the time.