Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BREAKING. StarTimes in trouble for allegedly selling obsolete TV decoder boxes in Uganda to viewers.

StarTimes, the Chinese television company which has bailed out South Africa's floundering TopTV satellite pay-TV service by acquiring a 20% shareholder stake, is in trouble elsewhere in Africa where StarTimes is being accused of allegedly selling obsolete TV decoders to viewers in Uganda.

A public interest law suit has now been filed in Uganda claiming that allegedly soon to be obsolete decoders have been sold to unsuspecting Ugandans who buy them because they are cheaper although they will soon no longer work.

The Uganda Consumers Protection Awareness Association (UCPAA) has now joined a class action lawsuit representing 130 000 Ugandan TV viewers who demand new decoders from StarTimes in exchange for the old ones

The plantiffs claim that the DVB-T set-top boxes (STBs) contain outdated technology as declared by the 2006 International Tellecommunications Union (ITU) Conference which sat in Geneva.

in question go by the name DVB-T Set Top Box, which the plaintiff claim are products of outdated technology as declared by the 2006 International Telecommunications Union Conference that sat in Geneva.