Saturday, May 25, 2013

Leanna Manas on Vuyo Mbuli's death and Morning Live: 'When I walked on set on Monday morning there was a silence I've never heard.'

"When I walked on set on Monday morning there was a silence I've never heard," Leanne Manas, the co-host on the SABC's flagship breakfast show Morning Live told SABC Television news after the sudden and unexpected death of her co-host Vuyo Mbuli.

"I put on a black suit to come to work. I didn't ever think that the black suit that I'd be putting on was for my co-host. It was devastating. A really sad day," said Leanne Manas.

She told of how the Morning Live set is always bustling with noise, chatter and excitement and how terribly quiet it was this past Monday after Vuyo Mbuli passed away on Saturday night.

It's never quiet. We get up so early but when we walk into the building it's like its the middle of the afternoon because there's so much activity and there's so much vibe. But Monday morning it was quiet. There was nothing. Everybody was devastated. We didn't know how we were going to do this."

"I made sure I got to set half an hour early. The minute I got there, there's an earpiece and a microphone. And whenever I get there, the team have already put an earpiece for me and earpiece for Vuyo, and a mic for me and a mic for Vuyo. And our scripts are there. There's two of everything."

"Monday I walked in and there was one of everything. And I just broke down. And then I really realized he was gone. And I think the realization set into the team. So we're taking it badly but we need to move on. We are the national broadcaster and everybody is behind us. We're going to continue going; and be strong. And he would want us to do this. He would do it for me, and I know we're going to do it for him."

"We had an amazing relationship. It was an amazing friendship and an amazing relationship on-air. My mourning is in front of the camera but this closest friends and family members, their mourning is behind the camera and I can't imagine what they're going through."

"I've done so many incredible things next to Vuyo," said Leanne Manas. "I've learned so much from him. There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't take a lesson from him. He was a consummate professional. I would sit down next to him and I would watch him in awe. One of my fondest memories of him was my first broadcast with him. He made me feel relaxed; at ease. He made me feel at at home because I was a guests in his studio. And from that very first day he held my hand and we've never stop holding hands."