Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nonhle Thema's TV tell-all on Vuzu following the 1 000th episode of V Entertainment will likely not be that revealing.

Nonhle Thema is set for a supposed exclusive TV-tell all - the only problem is that it won't really be a tell-all.

The most important question that would-be viewers (who will have to sit down for this) would want to know, can't be asked, and won't be answered in the TV special.

Following this coming Wednesday's 1 000th episode of the weekday entertainment news magazine show V Entertainment on Vuzu which will see the return of the Twitter-terror Nonhle Thema - now a mother and who used to be the first V Entertainment first presenter - will be another Nonhle Thema TV special event.

This Nonhle Thema special television event following a few days after the 1 000th V Entertainment episode, will see her open up about her life, being a mom, and what happened since she left Vuzu.

What viewers won't hear the now-notorious dark and lovely baby mamma name or discuss, is the name of her baby daddy.

That is off-limits since Nonhle Thema - whose TV career faded dramatically following a widely panned reality TV disaster and a resultant social media meltdown - agreed to a print exclusive for the true revelation of her child's father.

That means that Vuzu viewers won't see a true no-holds-barred interview, although the interview on Vuzu will still be billed as an exclusive.