Friday, April 26, 2013

Chester Missing rips Iman Rappeti 'those earrings! It's like you've got your own satellite!', Jeremy Maggs and TopTV on NewsNight.

You're reading it here first. 

The famous puppet Chester Missing ripped into Iman Rappetti and Jeremy Maggs as the co-anchors of NewsNight on the eNCA (DStv 403) on Friday night when they interviewed the enfant terrible plasticine puppet and his always-around friend Conrad Koch.

Chester Missing is currently on tour in South Africa with Conrad Koch.

The delightfully abrasive and outspoken puppet from Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola on and the eNCA has gained a large cult following across South Africa and the incorrigible puppet is now highly popular with South African politicians and the hoi polloi alike.

Chester Missing didn't hold back in the Hyde Park eNCA news studio and mocked both Iman Rappetti and Jeremy Maggs but also went for the jugular with several politicians across the political spectrum, TopTV which got approval to broadcast porn, and even referenced developing news events.

Chester Missing said Jeremy Maggs won't fit into a suitcase because it would scrunch up his hair.

Jeremy Maggs asked Conrad Koch about the "relationship you have with this..." when Chester Missing suddenly chimed in with: "it's perverted. It's gonna be on TopTV."

Asked who's the dominant person in the duo, Chester Missing said "we used to be like that 50/50 programme. Now we're more like 49/51." "Chester Missing's career has taken off and we're floating along behind him, which is what the Chester Missing Roadshow is all about," said Conrad Koch.

Other clever bon mots from the puppet, live on television on the eNCA?

"It's not right for a white guy to put words in a brown guy's mouth. You know what it's like Iman. You work at," said Chester Missing. "eNCA!"  Conrad Koch quickly corrected.  "I'm self-scripted," Iman Rappetti chimed in.

"Those earrings! It's like you've got your own satellite!" screamed Chester Missing about Iman Rappetti's large golden earrings.

About his amazing interview skills the always so shy Chester Missing said: "I'm like Debora Patta. With a thingie."

"Shut that puppet up!" Iman Rappetti said eventually.

"That was a tough interview that. Thank goodness its over," exclaimed Jeremy Maggs at the end of the funny interview.