Thursday, November 15, 2012

MultiChoice says that the timing of the launch of a new DStv PVR has not been determined yet and wont be for the first quarter in 2013.

MultiChoice says that what MultiChoice said about a new "connected box" DStv decoder coming in the first quarter of 2013, is incorrect.

I asked the pay-TV platform whether there is anything MultiChoice can say regarding the new connected box which MultiChoice wants to launch in 2013 and whether more specifications are available or what it will be able to do, or how specifically it will work.

"MultiChoice is always in the process of developing new decoders. We will not be providing details of any new decoder in development until we are ready to do so," the company told me. "The timing of a new PVR has not been determined yet, but will certainly not be by the first quarter of 2013, as has been speculated."