Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SABC board member Cedric Gina proudly wore an ANC shirt today in public. Oh yes, uhm, SABC board members are not supposed to do that.

The SABC board member Cedric Gina proudly wore (and appeared in public, as well as on SABC television) in an ANC shirt.

Oh, by the way, SABC board members are supposed to be - because the SABC is a public broadcaster and supposedly neutral - not be conspiciously and overtly linked to a specific or certain political party (although in reality they all are).

That's also why the former SABC board member Clifford Motsepe resigned in April when he became the became the Limpopo Cooperative Governance MEC representing the ANC political party. You can't be seen supporting a specific political party and be an SABC board member.

Further irony: Cedric Gina appearing in his black ANC shirt in front of the SABC today is mere days after the IFP public protest march to the SABC's Auckland Park headquarters where the IFP and Mangosothu Buthelezi accused the SABC of political bias when it comes to news and political news coverage.

Good luck in trying to change perceptions that the SABC is not an ANC mouthpiece when an SABC board member, seemingly without any qualms, appear in a shirt in front of the broadcaster, accused of being biased.

Is Cedric Gina, advancing an ANC agenda as a SABC board member if he is wearing an ANC shirt in public? Is what you wear what you like and support, or do people wear things they don't like?

Does the SABC and its highest executive branch have any real idea of how they are allowing themselves to be perceived in public?