Thursday, August 30, 2012

BREAKING. sneaks the sexy, slutty reality show, Erotic Star, onto its schedule.

You're reading it here first. 

Whaddayaknow. has secretly snuck the sexy slutty reality show Erotic Star onto its schedule as girls apparently try to outslut each other to win the title of Erotic Star. Because every good CV apparently needs a something-something special.

From challenges ranging from pole dancing to having to try and "seduce members of the public", belly dancing, and a challenge where "their bodies become artwork" the girls have to put the sexy and flesh on display to prevent being eliminated from Erotic Star.

Precious little is known about the commercial free-to-air TV channel's latest late night tele-indiscresion. has Erotic Star at midnight on Saturdays but inexplicably somehow didn't send out any programme information about it and Erotic Star wasn't included as an upcoming programming highlight or highlighted as a new show.

And what is a show without an after show episode? When Erotic Star ends, it will have an additional episode which will "tantalise and titillate". "This is an opportunity to revisit the series and catch up," says the episode synopsis for the episode following the finale. "Those magical, memorable moments that tantalise and titillate will all be revealed once more."

Grab 'em poles girls and start swinging.